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Animation Showreel 2023:

Everything shown in the reel is created by me.

Software used: Dragonframe, Adobe After Effects/Premiere Pro/Photoshop/Animate, TvPaint, ClipStudioPaint

website bg2_edited.jpg

'Waldeinsamkeit' short film

In my fourth and final year at Edinburgh College of Art I animated and produced my graduate film 'Waldeinsamkeit'. 

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2023 - Official Selection

For more information, development work and behind-the-scenes please click on the picture (left).

website bg2_edited.jpg

Click image for more information:

"The Well" - Animated Music Video for Midnight Ambulance

"Issues of Representation" - short animated documentary

"Coal" - animated short film

"Lockdown Companion" - animated short film

"Ethel Red" - animated short film (unfinished) 

"We have everything we need" - animated short film 

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