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Week 6

I am making steady progress with my third scene and it should be finished in the next few days.

This one is a lot of fun to animate; I am doing the character animation in Tv Paint and working digitally makes me less precious about what I draw and helps me to loosen up a lot more. That might also be due to the fact that I am not animating any line work and only the character silhouette. Since this scene is taking place inside the forest at night it made sense to simplify the character to a dark moving shape and that in turn simplifies the animation work. I can simply suggest the movement, I don't have to work it out in detail and it's especially useful as her climbing up the tree presented a challenge to me initially (being quite a complex action).

I like the progression of these shots: first she walks into the forest and we can see how the shadow envelopes her and in the next shot she 'is' shadow, which further visually suggests she is one with the forest and the trees around her.

I think that I will add some moving grass into the front layer of the shot, just so that the character is not the only moving element. I further want to add just a little bit of moving texture to her silhouette, in order to make her look less flat and more in line with the ink texture of the environment.

The next shot, after this one is finished, will be the next scene in the order (the one where she ascends on the moving tree branch). I think it will be nice to see a few shots next to each other on a timeline to judge if it is progressing naturally from one to the next. I further think that it will be an important one in conveying to the viewer what the relationship of the lady and the forest is.

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